You’re young and healthy and have no concerns about your fertility. Well you should! About 10 percent of women, 6.1 million, in the United States ages 15-44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It happened to Khloé  Kardashian, whose struggle to conceive a child with her NBA star hubby Lamar Odom was well documented in the tabloids.  In this case let us reassure you; stars are just like us! We compiled 5 insanely important tips so that when you decide to have a child you won’t be in the same boat as her.

Count The Candles On That Cake!

Thirty is the new twenty, and forty is the new thirty, right? Wrong! The number one factor when it comes to fertility is age, and even the most advanced fertility treatments can’t reverse time.

According to some researchers, fertility peaks as early as a woman’s late 20s, and that by her early 30s, both the quantity and the quality of her eggs have begun to decline.

Don’t panic yet. This is a very gradual process and as long as you’re in your early thirties you should be fine but once you hit the 35 mark and beyond it gets much shadier. Not only do your chances of getting pregnant markedly decline but also your risk of miscarriage goes up at the same time.

Here’s what to do. If you’re under thirty-five trying to get pregnant for one year (and unsuccessful), then seek help. After forty, you should try for six months before consulting a professional.

Drop The Cigs. Now.

No matter what age you are, if you smoke you’re majorly harming your fertility.  Not only does exposing your eggs to nicotine diminish your ovaries’ supply, but it also harms the quality of your eggs. Second-hand or passive smoking interferes with your fertility as well so keep good company if you want to be fertile!

And smoking can also put you at risk for early menopause, which closes your fertility options for good.

Now, the good news…

Quitting smoking can totally turn around your fertility, so do it, now! The effects are not immediate; it takes several months for the smoking related toxins to leave your system. At the risk of sounding repetitive, we urge you, quit! Now!

Are You Regular? No, Not That Kind Of Regular

We’re talking about your Aunt Flo. If your period is more than thirty six days or less than twenty two days its possible that your ovaries are not functioning normally.  This could have an impact on the viability of your eggs when you try to get pregnant.

Every woman’s cycle is different so don’t be concerned if your cycle is totally different from your friend’s and your sister’s, but if you fall outside of the regular range consult your doctor.

Up And Aweigh!

If you’re seriously overweight or underweight it could have ramifications on your fertility. Check out a BMI calculator online and if you fall outside the range of 18-30 you should talk to your doctor, especially if your period is irregular as well.

If you’ve recently dropped a lot of weight and your period has stopped, you may just have to gain a few pounds to bring your fertility right back up.

Work It, Don’t Twerk It

Be honest, how many times have you watched Miley Cyrus’s video “We Can’t Stop”? No judgment here! But studies have found that there is a link between listening to pop music and promiscuity. Which means STDs might be an issue.

If you had a sexually transmitted disease and it was caught and treated early it likely will have no effect on your fertility. On the other hand, if one was untreated for a long time that can cause issues for fertility. So get checked for STDs by your doctor and make sure your partner gets checked as well because STDS can block production of sperm.

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