Inner health is something which has yet to receive a dictionary definition. You hear of people using it in a general sense and others lending the name to programs which sell supplements. It’s time to give it some sort of definition and properly delve into the makeup of your inner health.

Two Parts Inner health has two main parts. Like with most things in our modern world, we have a manmade area and a natural area. It’s the natural area you want to be focusing on. Here are the two main parts explained briefly.

The natural part of your inner health is the spiritual side of us. Call it what you want, but the easiest way to think about it is the human spirit. It’s our determination, optimism, and willingness to live all rolled into one. It’s the little voice which tells us to keep going.

The manmade part isn’t a modern construction. It’s our ego. The ego is the outer covering of our inner health. Whenever something bad happens, it normally hits our ego before it hits our spirit. They’re both closely connected, but they aren’t the same.

Drive it Down Who would you say is the happiest person in the world?

Well, this will always cause a great deal of debate. You see instructors in yoga retreats around the world doing what they love. You see artists making grand creations and who’re content in themselves. The reason why they can be so happy is because they’ve allowed their natural inner health to take over.

There’s no ego in what any of these people do. Ego leads to obsession and is why our inner health often becomes corrupted. An inflated ego leaves us vulnerable to attack. Drive your ego down and allow your natural inner health to take over.

Why Change? If you improve the core of your inner health your quality of life increases. You suddenly become thankful for what you have. You want to improve yourself for you not for someone else. You develop the ability to care for your family and friends more deeply. All these benefits are just the tip of what you can receive by leaving the ego behind.

How Can I Change? The first part about finding out how to change is to develop a clear head. Extract yourself from your current lifestyle and find yourself. Leave the office for a few weeks and leave the country, if possible.

Go to an exotic country and enjoy exercising and experiencing new things. Stay away from the modern comforts you hang onto. Once you do this, you can start thinking about what you love to do and what’s important to you in life.

For many people, this is the first time they can look at their inner health from an objective standpoint. From here, it’s the start of a long journey towards what you feel is important.

It doesn’t mean casting off the shackles of responsibility. It means becoming content with yourself in the real world. It’s a lifetime journey, but it’s certainly one worth taking.

Author Bio: Melissa Riley recently discovered how to achieve inner health at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, where she learnt to relax not only for a two week holiday, but also gained the skills to achieve inner peace in her every day, hectic life as a freelance writer and blogger.