Sometimes you get too excited about knowing if you actually gained weight already so what you do is try on some old clothes and see if they still fit while some people rely on other people noticing the gained weight. It is best to get your own weighing scale at home so you can monitor any changes in your body weight. Step on the scale once a week after doing all what you need to do to gain weight. This way you get accurate numbers on cialis 20 how much really you gained and what you need to do to get better results and you can change your habits before you add on more weight.

Weight is gained because of the habits of people. Take for instance during holiday, people gain so much weight because of the habit of overeating especially during Christmas when parties and celebrations are happening left and right. People eat more calories than they burn. The holiday season and the festivities are the valid excuses for people to overeat and drink a lot thus they gain weight. Some people though gain weight when they have problems or stressed.

When a person feels lonely, alone, depressed, not appreciated and bored, food is the best source of solace and comfort. When food is consumed more than what is needed and there is less or no activities and exercise at all, the person gains weight fast. The person will then feel even worse as more weight is gained. The feeling of severe depression and lack of self-confidence sets in. if the problem is not resolved right away, the person can end up feeling sorry for himself and could end being an obese.

Obviously, the psychological state of a person contributes to the person overall well being and health awareness. There are other health conditions that can cause a person to gain weight such as hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome. There are prescribed medicines that can cause a person to gain weight like anti depressant drugs. Of course pregnant women are expected and must for that matter gain weight as they are farmaciaespana247 carrying a baby.

There may still be other factors that influence weight gain aside from lifestyle, eating habits, medications, exercise, supplements and health conditions. It will now be up to you which of these factors is making you gain weight.