It is normal for pregnant women to gain weight but how much really do they have to gain and in what stage of the pregnancy? The pregnant woman will experience cravings, hunger, sickness and some other symptoms associated with being pregnant. All these contribute to the growth of the baby inside the womb.

For one thing, overweight women who get pregnant should not gain that much weight because they do not need it. The weight they gain must be between 15 to 20 pounds while those who are into the average weight must gain between 25 to 35 pounds. Underweight women must gain between 28 to 45 pounds when they conceive. In case of multiple births, these numbers will increase.

This is not to say that all women are the same and must expect to deliver a healthy and normal baby after following the guidelines. These are just pregnancy weight gain guidelines and you must remember that women are different and unique in their own way.

Do not be surprised if you hear stories about women having a healthy baby after gaining very little weight during pregnancy or even those who give birth to a healthy baby after gaining more than 80 pounds during pregnancy.

It could be hard to monitor and maintain weight during pregnancy because whether you like it or not, you will definitely gain weight. These pregnancy weight gain guidelines will in a way help in monitoring your weight gain during the course. The first thing to remember is to eat a healthy diet though it is hard to do because it is easy to give in to excuses such as cravings, or the baby wants it, and the excuse that you can eat anything because anyway you will gain weight.

Pregnant women crave for salty snacks, sugary foods and fatty foods too. This is hard to avoid but what can be done is to eat these kinds of food in moderation. Look for alternative foods that can replace these unhealthy foods pregnant women crave for.

Exercise always goes with healthy diet. It is as equally important as healthy diet. Some people find it easier to exercise compared to others who are not used to it. It is better to start the exercise early on in the pregnancy. Consult your physician or an exercise specialist on what kind of exercise you can do or better yet stick to walking to be safe. If you have a healthy pregnancy and there is no complication, regular exercise is the best way to manage your weight and prepare your muscles for labor.

Remember that all these are just pregnancy weight gain guidelines which will help you in managing your health and weight during pregnancy. If you aim is to gain weight, seek your doctor’s advice as anything to do with your pregnancy is a sensitive matter that needs professional medical advice. Do not go on a diet, starve yourself or overdo the exercise and diet just to stop weight gain without the consent of the doctor.

Remember that you are carrying a baby and that its health is the most important thing. It pays to stay happy and healthy while being pregnant. These will be good for the baby.