Some people who suffer from a urinary tract infection often wait for it to go away. However, waiting can be a painful ordeal. After a few days, most people change their mind and begin looking for immediate relief. They quickly run to their doctors office to receive a prescription of antibiotics that will clear the infection up in just a few days. However, these antibiotics come with certain side effects, one of which is to leave a user open to future urinary infections.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do if you want a urinary infection cure without subjecting yourself to the risks that accompany antibiotics and other pharmaceutical treatments.

Natural UTI Remedies

1. Cranberry juice is a popular and effective urinary tract treatment. Cranberries contain a compound that prevents the infection-causing bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. Drink three eight-ounce glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice a day during your urinary infection.

2. Water is the most commonplace remedy. By drinking plenty of water, you will urinate much more often, thus flushing the urinary tract of the infection-causing agent. When combined with cranberry juice, this is possibly the most effective remedy.

3. Vitamin C is a valuable ingredient to a urinary tract treatment. You need to supplement this vitamin to strengthen your immune system, which is essential if you hope to fight off a urinary infection.

4. Making a few changes to your lifestyle is also very important. You need to get some exercise, even if it is nothing more strenuous than taking a brisk walk every day.

5. To prevent and cure urinary tract infections, you need to watch what you eat. By eating more foods that are rich in water-soluble fiber, you will keep your body hydrated and flushed, preventing subsequent infections from occurring.

Finding the Best Urinary Tract Treatment for You

Finding the best UTI remedies will depend largely upon your body. Certain treatments will be much more effective for some people than others. As the human body is such a dynamic environment, you need to know about all of the different treatment options available.