A lot of women who need help to get pregnant face the problem of how to solve this distressing problem. All they needed to do is to pay more attention to their bodies and the messages it giving them it.

Some women face infertility due to lack of adequate nutrition. This happens when women are too busy with work, relationships, social activities etc and rarely have time to have a proper meal. Taking time to eat home made meals made of fresh produce that is filled with nutrients will help you get pregnant. Once you are eating wholesome foods you can then begin to supplement.  You should of course speak to your nutritionist for advice. You can take a multi vitamin formula that contains Vitamin B including folic acid, Vitamin C, selenium, zinc and essential fatty acids that you can get from either evening primrose oil or fish oils-will help ensure a healthy pregnancy. Be careful if you decide to take fish oils. Take those that do not contain heavy metals.

Set a goal to get pregnant

If you need help to get pregnant, you need to set it as a goal. As with any goal you need to work through several things to achieve it. First you need to gain the knowledge you need to plan your pregnancy. These include learning about your cycle, charting, acupressure point, and nutrition. Second, you also need to prepare your mind. This where positive thinking comes into place.

You need to see your goal vividly in your mind. You need to examine anything that may be holding you back. Never say “I cannot get pregnant!”  You need to say things that are consistent with what you desire.

For example, How do you treat other people’s children?. Do you hate seeing pregnant women, women with a baby, or small children? Do you find yourself burning with jealousy? If you are then you are really putting yourself in a negative state of mind which is not helping you. It certainly does not help you get pregnant. You reap what you sow as the Law of Attraction has big effects on your ability to get pregnant.

Pregnancy affirmations

Use pregnancy affirmations that can help you quickly and effectively reverse negative thoughts that may diminish your fertility.

Affirmations can help you “rewrite” these negative messages and change your beliefs and expectations. You get what is your most dominant thought… and what you believe, you can achieve.

Every thought that goes through your mind is in effect an affirmation. Let that sink in for the moment. So when you think to yourself that you’ll never get pregnant, you are affirming that. If you get upset of jealous when you see a pregnant woman and think that it is not fair that she is pregnant when you are never going to get pregnant…remember you are affirming that you are going to have trouble to get pregnant.

Affirmations can help you change these negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Repeating the affirmations out loudly with strong emotions and reading them to yourself at least three times, and just working them into your life throughout the day-daily, will actually change your thinking in the long run.

I have put together a list of affirmations that you can try, feel free to create your own affirmations or adopt the ones listed here.  Some directly related to you getting pregnant and some more general positive affirmations:

I will get pregnant in the right time

My fertility is increasing daily

I am getting healthier and healthier

I am optimistic

My partner loves me always

I will carry my healthy baby to term

I live in abundance

I am successful in everything I do

I create abundance in all that I say and do

I am a positive and vibrant person

I am making room in my life for a baby

I love my life

I will bear a healthy child

I am ready and open to welcome my baby

I can listen to my body

I am eating foods that boost my fertility

The best will come to me

I am improving my fertility

I will hold my baby in my arms

I am taking charge of my fertility

Say these affirmations with emotions – your mind will believe anything said with strong feelings. You also can also visualize your goal as you say the affirmations out loud..

These pregnancy affirmations will have an immediate and positive impact on your state of mind – and they send out a message out that you are truly ready for your own baby.